Guest Post…”Demigods Sell Morality, Value And Virtue To The Highest Bidder.”

GUEST POST in response to “We Have Hit Bottom” A MUST read … do not miss this…

by Róisín Michele…

As I was getting ready for work this morning (and as most mornings), I was contemplating the turbulent events that have been circulating like dark storm clouds in our country and subsequently across the globe.

I have watched this storm build and gain strength as it crossed our landscape. I’ve tracked its path and touch downs of destruction. It’s a force we have yet to reckon with.

I also believe this is heavily orchestrated in order to create chaos to force a crisis and then gain control. It’s a known tactic in behavior management: manipulate the environment to cause stressors, thus ascertaining reactions to stressors, then create modifications to desensitize a person to the stressor and adapt behavior through consistent interaction and reinforcement.

Once that is accomplished, the behavior modifier has the control and is able to teach others how to reset baseline behavior in a controlled environment.

I’ve done this in a way as a behavior specialist and it does work. I’ve also seen this played out in a grander scale in our country.

My point, people say we are headed towards a civil war. Thing is, we are already in one; a soft one, but a civil war nonetheless.

When historians look back on this period in time, I wonder what they’ll write: “…demigods sell morality, value and virtue to the highest bidder.”

Selfishness took gain and pride ruled in the hearts of men (except men is a patriarchal term and oppresses women, those who are fluid in their sexuality and identifications of gender; lying to themselves in order to justify bad behavior, sin, and sheer brokenness).

When everything becomes permissible, everyone loses.

Finally, those out protesting in the name of social justice, have no idea that they are among the controlled and bidding the destruction of those under that control including themselves.

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