Kiss Your Country Good-Bye – Tide Pod Munchers Organize

Kiss your country good-bye.

It’s broken. And it’s gonna get a lot more broken.

Liberal-progressives are hijacking your country, kidnapping your children, ignoring your laws, and plundering your public treasuries to see their ideologies installed despite the will of the voting public.


Liberal cities and states across the nation have declared their semi-independence  from the United States of America. They are only part-time members of this union … only occasional participants in this political enterprise known as America.

Some cities and states now claim an absolute right to ignore laws and policies that run counter to their liberal-progressive dogma. They arrogantly insist they have unique rights that supersede the federal government … even if they endanger their fellow citizens.


San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, and Baltimore consider themselves as semi-independent city-states free to ignore federal statutes and jurisdictions. California, Illinois, New York, and Oregon take great pride in defying the authority of the federal government.

One hundred and fifty years ago this sort of madness caused a civil war. 

The latest liberal lunacy  has gurgled over in the unhealthy city of Baltimore. The city fathers … and mothers … have decided … all on their own …

  • to spend lots of public dollars LOTS of public dollars to gather up 3,000 public school students …
  • to yank them from their class, outfit them in free sloganed t-shirts, and provide them with free bag lunches … so they can be bussed … free of charge … to Washington,DC … 
  • to participate in a rally to take away your freedoms under the Second Amendment.

And they’ll be joined by thousands and thousands of other high schoolers let loose by liberal school administrators who want to disarm law-abiding citizens for sins committed by their sloppy school policies and their inept management … that led to the deaths of students … by other students … under their over-sight.

Perhaps you should read that last paragraph one more time … just to get the full flavor of liberal hypocrisy.

In others words, they screwed up … and  you get screwed over. That’s how liberalism works.

Parents, your children are now being drafted  as Anti-Second Amendment foot-soldiers …

to march on behalf of liberals … to help cover up their incompetency as school leaders … and you’re okay with this?

Are you? Really?

And when did you permission the schools YOU PAY FOR to morph into protesting institutions at-the-ready for liberal zealots? Did you okay this? Are you okay with this? And what are you going to do about it?

Not in your school? You sure? Check here

There is no end in sight to this madness … each day brings a new level of idiocy. They will not stop until they are politically neutered … or pounded down in a civil war.

These are unpretty times.

Denis Ian and Michelle Moore 

Time’s Almost Up…

Kiss your country good-bye.



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