Gulag High School -Animal Farm Endures

There’s a reason why “Animal Farm” endures …


It seems that student walk-outs are very excellent displays of teenage wisdom and activism … IF the cause meets certain liberal standards.

High school history teacher Julianne Benzel wondered … out loud … to her students … during class … “if protests of a different sort would receive the support of the school administration.”


And she asked her suddenly wisened and enlightened teenagers “if it was appropriate for the school to have been providing support for a politically motivated protest, and if such support would be there for other causes” … such as abortion.

Two students … and a lone parent … were “triggered” by her supposedly edgy bit of teaching …  bee lined it to the principal … and. …

Ms. Benzel was told to stay home.

Put on administrative leave. Benched.  Smacked down. Professionally embarrassed.

Because she dared to apply the logic of the recent walk-out to issues not-so-favored by the liberal posse that runs her school.

So down the slippery slope she went … bewildered as to why such questions were so verboten … so forbidden … so taboo.

And everyone knows why … because she didn’t toe the line … or fall in line. And smother her intellect.

If this is the “new” public education … well … something’s wrong, Very wrong.

And you should be very, very worried for this “Animal Farm” moment … because we’ve seen this before … in days not so long ago. And, yes … it can happen here. Just ask Julianne Benzel. Or Snowball.

So … a reminder … for us all… but for some more than others.


The Ten Commandments For Public Education

I. No school personnel has more regency over the education of a child than a mother or father.

II. Schools have no space for anyone unable to plug into their memory bank for recollections of their own childhood.

III. Schools should hold an educational exorcism … and run any indoctrinating madness from every classroom.

IV. Restore classroom integrity and demand the return of the unbiased teacher.

V. Teachers have no right to organize any child in any mission on their ideological behalf.

VI. There shall be no false testing gods.

VII. School leaders must adhere to a doctrine of common sense over all else.

VIII. Vow that there will be unserious joy in every day.

IX. Command that every adult commit to an oath that childhood will be honored and preserved.

X. Order that laughter and kindness hold as much importance as any learning objective.

It’s time for teachers to teach.

America wants their schools back.


Denis Ian

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