This Is How It Stops! #Enough Parents Fight Back


This is how it stops.

One father or mother stands up … says “Enough!” … and then takes them to court. Then another does the same. And another.

Once other taxpayers see their hard earned school dollars going to pay settlements for such stupidity, well, it’ll stop. And perhaps those angry taxpayers can sue these school leaders for breach of responsibilities and dereliction of duties … and have them removed.

This entire episode is outrageous …. the troubling excuse that 12 year olds have such a deep conscience … and are capable of taking such a dramatic stand … and they cannot be stopped by adults. How blatantly stoooopid.

This “walk-out” stuff is just the latest indication that public education has slipped off the rails. Forsaken its mission.

This lady lied.

The Left is given to the hyperbolic. And they always … always … and I mean ALWAYS … jump the shark and take some event or issue or debate to the next level of absurdity. And they drag us into the ludicrous … the loony.

But worst of all … the ultimate discourtesy … is that they expect us to buy into their crap-nonsense and their liberal incoherence. That is the penultimate display of scorn.

For God’s sake … fight back.

Denis Ian


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