Welcome to the Dark Side, Miss Holly


Oh! Lordy! The irony!

 Libtards are eating each other.


Remember the Starbuck’s supervisor who called police because two men … two black guys … were loitering … and refusing to leave or buy anything?
So … “Holly, the store manager” … got fired for being a racist.
And Starbuck’s is gonna shut down its entire coffee kingdom … for a whole damn day! … to pound racist shit out of every head of every employee. Proving to America that if you scream at people for 8 long hours,  you can accomplish … NOTHING … while losing a gazillion dollars at the same time.
Black Guy.jpeg
But here’s the cream on the top of this grande cup of dumb:

Miss Holly wasan SJW feminist of the highest order” and had never … not ever … shown any signs of racial bias.  Yup! She was a liberal wackjob!

Not any more! Now she’s one of us. One of the good guys.

Hey, Holly! Welcome to the Dark Side.

We meet at Dunkin’ Donuts every full moon.

Denis Ian


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