The Agog Mob and Why Elections Matter

For those  who don’t yet feel rescued by last year’s election … here’s a sobering x-ray of our diseased self.

This speaks to our current embarrassment as a nation  … and as a scary squint into our tomorrow … and the likelihood that this nation might not survive an outbreak of poison ivy … or a shortage of fat-free yogurt … or a run on tofu.

This is what passes for young adulthood. This is our future.

Have you any curiosity about the parents of this disappointing dork?

Anxious to ask them if they”re proud of this grim display of klutzy motor skills?

And whether or not they think they’ve succeeded as parents?

And been attentive enough in providing this colossal imbecile with the wherewithal to open bread bag or pound a nail in a wall … or decode elevator buttons.

And I’d like to hear from the parents of these rapt audience members … the Agog Mob … … who seem so life-challenged that they could be mesmerized by someone their own age wrestling with a can of  … Spaghetti-O’s!! 
404error.jpgAnd then clap like seals … rewarding this human-disappointment with a round of sincere applause for such a great conquest.

What would they say? What could they say?

And if these parents seem undisturbed by all of this … and then others produce even more queasy queers like this … then we should immediately prepare for the Great Surrender … because it’s just a question of time as to when we will drop to our national knees in fear of any nation that yells at us.

Or perhaps we’ll curtsy.

I just don’t think a military run like folks like this  … and armed with silly-string and kites  … is the answer to 21st century national security.  Despite what Colonel Moron says.


We need this Trump guy.  We’re in a bad way.

Denis Ian


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