Selective Outrage … Raising the Barr

Hmmm …

So, Roseanne gets cancelled for foul stuff … but not unlike the foul stuff mumbled by Maher and Kimmel and Colbert and Behar and Goldberg … All. The. Time.  But somehow … some way … their shows survive to say such things over and over and over again.

Hmmm again …

But here’s the scary side of this.

This show is a big-time money-maker … and what does it say if … in the capitalist capital of the world … not one network picks it up and runs with it? They all skip the opportunity to rake in big bucks?

It says we’re almost China. Or Saudi Arabia. Or sheepy England.

Because that level of intimidation that tells us we are in one scary-bad moment. And this isn’t looking at all like America.

Listen to the media toilet gurgle.

When unhinged liberals have no strategy, they channel their inner-disgusting. And their outer-fraud.

But let’s remember good times, eh? Good liberal times.

Recall Bill Maher … the shrieking poser of late night television … he hardly came under any heat for an incest joke … A GRAPHIC INCEST JOKE … about President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump.


This is how he yucked it up …

A lot of us thought, ‘Oh, Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace.’ When [Trump’s] about to f–king nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and you know … “Daddy, Daddy. Don’t do it, Daddy,'” Maher said while making a crude gesture with his hand.

But the whole world is suddenly gasping for air because Roseanne …  famous for bad taste … tweets some bad taste. Shock of shocks!


BUT … let’s finish this off with a side of tasteless hypocrisy.


Yesterday … as liberals were fainting from coast-to-coast … Ms. Jarrett … the butt of Ms. Barr’s no holds barred humor … appeared on television … to discuss the ugly moment.  She was joined by two black TV personalities …

Joy Reid … the gay-basher … and …  Al Sharpton the Jew-hater.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 2.46.34 PM.png

No selective outrage there! No siree.

Can someone help me act shocked?

Denis Ian

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