Watch Where You’re Steppin’

There's a new San Francisco treat … and it ain’t Rice-a-Roni. Tony Bennett might’ve left his heart in San Francisco … but others are leaving behind something very different … Last week “… 20 pounds of poop were dumped on a sidewalk … in a clear bag and remained there for hours.” To marinate in … Continue reading Watch Where You’re Steppin’

Seize the Lie!

Democrats lie. All the time. It’s a habit they can’t shake. They lie big … and small. With straight faces … and with Liberace flamboyancies.  Some glare … or make scrunchy faces. Others sob …  maybe shake a finger. Flail some arms. Or just look nuts. There are beginner liars … and lying superstars. But … Continue reading Seize the Lie!

Common Core: The Zombie Reform

Common Core just won’t die. It’s alive, alright. Maybe under an alias, but it’s the same old poison … spawning troubling stuff.  Half-time band-shows that disrespect law enforcement. Kindergarten teachers hosting “Transition” ceremonies … for a five-year-old boy who fancies himself a girl. How about Black Lives Matter curriculum guides?  Hijab days? Sanctuary elementary schools? Co-ed bathrooms? Or fifth graders … Continue reading Common Core: The Zombie Reform


You can't make this stuff up ... even in Hollywood. The power-saluting, Weinstein-whacking, #MeToo face of sexual impropriety has now become the hot-to-trot symbol of the brand new #YouToo movement.  Remember brave, ultra-defiant Asia Argento? She flexed her womanhood and brimstoned the gathered perverts at last spring's Cannes Film Festival … hell-firing all of the … Continue reading #Yikes

Selective Outrage … Raising the Barr

Hmmm ... So, Roseanne gets cancelled for foul stuff ... but not unlike the foul stuff mumbled by Maher and Kimmel and Colbert and Behar and Goldberg ... All. The. Time.  But somehow ... some way ... their shows survive to say such things over and over and over again. Hmmm again ... But here's … Continue reading Selective Outrage … Raising the Barr

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Gun Control

It seems things are gettin' extra-goofy here in the ol' Milky Way ... And then there’s that moment when you know the world has slipped its orbit … and is spinning toward the open arms of Rod Serling ... for repotting in The Twilight Zone. Enduring his Oscar snub as the World’s Most Caring Human … Continue reading What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Gun Control

Clap … With One Hand – Counterfeit Personalities – Hollyweirdoes

Does any profession pat themselves on the back more than these over-inflated brag-bags? And from their televised perch they’ll wag fingers at us about our politics and values … all the while ignoring some of the great perverts of all time who run in their circle. They are absolutely allergic to any introspection at all … Continue reading Clap … With One Hand – Counterfeit Personalities – Hollyweirdoes

File Under…

AS IF YOU NEEDED TO BE REMINDED OF THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN … • FILE UNDER … “OF COURSE!” “Elementary School Drops Halloween Because It's 'Not Inclusive' ... Replaces It With 'Black & Orange Day” ........."The costume parade is out of our ordinary routine … and can be difficult for many students … the … Continue reading File Under…


THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA Camille Paglia, the renowned social commentator, almost gets it right. In fact, she nearly stepped on the answer herself … in her very own words. It is true. There’s a new generation that loathes America … and they don’t even know why … because they’ve been more indoctrinated than educated. … Continue reading THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA

Harvey Weinstein – Not Your Usual Sleazy Saga.

This should’ve been written in the shower … where there’s plenty of soap. Harvey Weinstein. No, it’s not your usual sleazy saga. But that’s what folks want it to be. Just another guy gettin’ his jollies … because he could. That's true, alright … but it ain't the whole story. This dirt-bag embodies everything … … Continue reading Harvey Weinstein – Not Your Usual Sleazy Saga.