Are You a Pretend Parent?

Are you a pretend parent?

If that questions bothers you, well …

It’s never a bad thing to have a heart-to-heart with yourself.

Maybe you’re too caught up in your own thing … or life’s become tangled … so your kid’s education has slipped into auto-pilot.

You’re not alone.

But if that first sentence grabbed at you …  then here’s an after-school routine that might clear your head a bit … and help you get your mojo back.

Grab your kids by the ankles … turn ‘em upside down … and give a mighty shake. See what spills out.

And slog through their crumb-infested, candy-coated school bag … pull it apart … and see what’s in there.

Do it every day … for a week or two … so you get a real good snapshot of your kid’s life.

Too many busy moms and dads expect schools to look like they did not so long ago … fuzzy places where kids learned to add and write and read … eat some paste … and make pals and memories.

You expected wrong.

Gallsy social justice diehards have their sights on your child.  Some classrooms have become ideological boot-camps …  and radicalized teachers seize every opportunity to install their vision of what society should look like … even if it’s out of sync with the behaviors and morals you cherish as a family.

It’s stealth indoctrination … delivered in workbooks, handouts, and videos. 

Or given real importance in conversations and school assemblies. Then reinforced in games and role playing.

Since when are kindergarteners interested in transgender issues? And when did sixth graders get so mature that they feel compelled to march against the Second Amendment? 

Kids don’t care about sex … and politics … and whether or not climate change is real or a ruse. Goofy, gender-neutral pronouns and sanctuary schools mean nothing to them. They’re kids … they care about kid’s stuff.

Don’t pretend things like this aren’t happening to kids who are 7 or 9 or 12 years old.  It is. And don’t pretend it’s not happening to your son or daughter … because it probably is.

Go chest-to-chest with these social militants …  because kids think teachers are gods.  And gods can do no wrong. And gods speak only truths.

So you’d better speak about your truths … and Do Something about those mind-bending classrooms.

Ten years ago I met an uncommon lady. She paid constant attention to her children’s schools.  She was a highly credentialed nurse, a marathoner, and as politically aware as they come.

There was nothing pretend about her.

She had four kids in a high-praise school district. But a good reputation wasn’t enough for her. She paid attention. And sometimes she heard things that troubled her … so she troubled herself to find out all she could.

Suppertime was her “deprogramming hour”.  Her term, not mine.

She dug into her kids’ school days as they dug into her dinners. She knew the teachers … their reputations …  and their scholarship. She knew what was goin’ on … and when she sensed teachers … or administrators … or the board of education … were crossing her line in the sand,  she’d sprint into action … and demand that her family values not be undermined by some clowns with an agenda.

Unusual lady. 

You need to be that unusual.

Radical teachers are found on every grade level … from kindergarten through senior year. Too many headlines tell that they are changing the culture … and brainwashing our children.



And remember this …

What you see in the classrooms of today … you’ll see in the government of tomorrow. 

Some schools now feature …

Hajib Day. Hyper-Sex Education. School walk-outs. Black Lives Matter curricula. Sanctuary schools. Drag Queen story time. LGBT days of silence. Biased textbooks. Anti-Trump lessons.

No Halloween. No Christmas. No Pledge of Allegiance. No Presidents’ Week. No civics. No patriotism. No “Star-Spangled Banner”.

And all of those things make America  … America.

And unless you stop pretending, they’ll get bolder and bolder. And soon you’ll wonder what the hell happened to your kid … and that school down the street.

These radicalized teachers rail about their “higher aspirations” for education … and the “new consciousness” their cultivating for the “new world” that’s under construction.


That’s bull-speak  … for brain-washing.

And when someone … like my alert friend … calls them out for their own prejudices and intolerance … well … that’s when they tattoo parents with their favorite labels … bigot, racist, intolerant, xenophobe.

That’s good stuff. Smile back.

It’s a sure sign you’re not a pretend parent.  

This goes on in the schools you pay for … by teachers and school leaders in your employ. And they haven’t a blush about sneering at parents who don’t share their creepy dogmas.

Who recalls a day when these people … paid by us … worked for us and not for some ideology? It wasn’t so long ago that schools were all about kid stuff … not about troubled adults. 

But now they’re here … and they hope you’re too busy to care. They want you to pretend. 

Tell ’em to go to hell.

Denis Ian

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