Happy Teacher Exasperation Month!

Geniuses are the most dangerous creatures in the universe … and do you know why God made so few? 

To limit the suffering of teachers.

Dweeb  King.png

Dweebers are educational pests. They make these fly-by observations …  scurry back to their sticky keyboards … and tell real-deal teachers how to do their jobs.

Let’s imagine those same big-talkers bothering a pro coach about super-sizing his offense. Or pulling Spielberg aside … to give him story-telling pointers. Or tutoring Elton John about stage presence.


Preposterous, right?

Then why is it okay for these imitation-Platos to have such an outsized influence on teachers? Why are teachers the least listened to … and the least consulted … when they’re clearly the most influential figures in lives of young learners?

Everything in education is topsy-turvy. Upside down. Under the premise that schools are absolutely broken. And that it was time for these hokey-heroes to step right up … and miracle the moment.

But schools were not broken. The anguish was manufactured. Fabulized by despair-mongers intent on frakensteining everything.

Utter nonsense.

But they insist on their infallibility … and lay claim to peculiar formulas, secret recipes, or some new matrix for education.

Now classroom teachers must master the skills of dodging oddball pedagogical edicts to rescue their test-abused students. THAT is educational exasperation.


Teaching is both draining and electrifying … and it’s a far cry from a layman’s imagination.

Now master-teachers have been ordered out of their alleged Dark Ages because some wind-bag saw some coded message on his blue screen that flashed! “Recess is bad!”  And too many other dopes put a saddle on the stooopid donkey … which led to more exasperation.


And that’s happened time and again.

With exasperating frequency.

The influence of the genius-class on teachers  … and children … is outsized only by their naiveté.

They will further reduce the role of teachers to stand-by status … technological sergeants-at-arms … to cure jumpy computers and splotchy down-loads. At-the-quick techies to vacuum up all sorts of data so that some other dark-room wizards can exasperate them into complete oblivion.

This is a teacher’s lot in life. At least for now. Perhaps a summer’s rest will return them more sturdy … more willing to rescue their own profession.  And the children they should champion.


So … as they mark another year on their career totem pole … wish them Happy Teacher Exasperation Month … and shove ’em out the door … and into summer!

Denis Ian



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