Yes! It’s THAT Bad!

Anne LaValle, New York’s most relentless Anti-Common Core mother,  reminds us of an unpleasant anniversary.

Five years ago, every 8th grader in New York State was required to write an essay validating this statement:

“A structured work day of 8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest and 8 hours of recreation is best not only for the individual, but for society at large.”

It was part of the first Common Core ELA exam in NYS … devised by admittedly unqualified frauds.

Dave Guy .jpeg
Students were required to “Show their ability to draw the compelling aspects of a stated text” [in this case, a speech by Samuel Gompers, an early union organizer] by explaining in detail why that highly charged, socialist concept was “true“.

They were REQUIRED to VALIDATE IT. These students are now sophomores in college.

Fast forward half a decade …

And the throat-stuffing continues as states are coerced into feeding this pig of a reform … threatened with all sorts of black-and-blues if they don’t conform as commanded.

Now … nearly a decade into this farce … and still certain forces demand that we continue on with this pedagogical torture, that has cost upwards of $12 billion … all because some over-thinking, overly rich egoists had the time and money to fool with an educational system that had produced the greatest nation in the history of the world.


So guys named Dave and Bill and Arne and John went to town …
and schools went to rot.

The ugly beauty of Common Core is that it screwed everyone.

With ugly equality.

And so the idiots were free to reform this and that. They made lots of bad decisions and mounds of money. And they allowed scammers of all sorts to run off with taxpayer dollars … and with your children’s futures, too.

They wanted to make tough-learners … so they vaccinated seven and eight-year-olds with “grit and rigor.” One of the Common Core clowns thought it was a great idea to teach kids to read a novel with a microscope. They also ignored music and art …  and social studies. And did their best to wipe-out childhood. Even recess was somehow reasoned into unpopularity.

Math reforms were perhaps the most ludicrous of all … and causing more negative attention than any other feature other than abusive testing.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.42.07 AM.png

Kids got glued to tablets and blue screens. Smiles went away … and parents hired tutors and shrinks.

Testing became the new monkey bars. Teachers became facilitators. And the language of education was reduced to acronyms everyone pretended to understand.

In the blink of an eye, schools have been systematically transformed, childhood recalibrated, and parents richly tattooed as adversaries.

Government now dictates to the schools, and politicians have morphed into carnival barkers for every profiteer determined to get their slice of the Big Education pie.

They want joyless schools … with joyless children … featuring joyless techniques … from joyless teachers … because that is the easiest situation for them to manipulate. And that will provide the conforming workforce they were consumed with creating.

And it guarantees that your children will pedal this hamster-wheel of educational nonsense and emerge exactly as planned … perfectly prepared by those perfectly-joyless schools for the very imperfect and joyless monotony others have designed for them for the rest of their lives.

So here we are … years into this misery  … and a bazillion dollars down the drain.

Inner city schools are as bad as ever. Minorities are still getting hosed. Teachers and unions and politicians are still more important than any child.

Everything has stood still. And still no one wants to let the sun shine in … because no one wants to see the mess.

Denis Ian

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