There Will Be No Second Coming

Bad news.

There will be no Second Coming.

I know … once was not enough … but it’ll have to do.  Barack Obama is not coming back. Deal with your despair.

No Obama 2.0 … no tingles, no perfection, no inspiration, no poetry. No walkin’ on water. No nuthin’.

BO is a NO-GO.

The Greatest Black President Ever said so himself … just this week … to the DNC … before turning water into venom … and raising Hillary from the dead. Again. Too boos.

Do Not Wait.jpg

“Do not wait for the perfect message …”

How biblical.

You see, there’s no more perfection … Barack took it with him. All of it. So there’ll be no “perfect” anything. No perfect speeches or poses … or perfect smiles. No perfect snickers or sneers or perfect reprimands. Nope.

Do Not Wait.jpg

Adieu, perfection … bon voyage!

And …

“… don’t wait to feel a tingle in your spine …”

No. siree. Ain’t happening. Barack was a once-in-eternity event.  So, pack up your tingles … and dive into the gospels of Matthews, Moore, Chuck, and Dowd …

And do not …

“…  expect politicians to be so inspiring and poetic and moving …”

Be forlorn. He is gone.

It is the end of elegance. And brilliance. Just lots of forlorn. Lots and lots of forlorn. Too much forlorn for one to take.

And so he spoke of despair and doubt and dismay …

“Fear is powerful …”

Everyone should write that down. Right this minute. Because that is headed straight to the Three-Word Hall of Fame … right up there with “Where am I?’” … “Hold my beer!” … and “Where’s the beef?”. 

Too much profound for me.  Way too much.

And then He (with a capital ‘H’) mentions the Devil (with a capital ‘D’) … but never directly … becauseHe will not speaketh his name. The last time He did, He made an ass of Himself … and the Devil became President Devil … and … well you know the rest of that fun story.

But …

President Devil manipulates us … so says our Old Savior.

And he drinks our fear … and creates “a fundamental contrast of how we view the world.” For damn sure. That’s why President Devil became president … and Almost-President Hillary did not.

And finally … the mention we all fear … the ‘A’ word. Not that one! … this one …  the apocalypse.

“We are seeing the consequences of when one vision is realized or in charge.”

Boy, oh! Boy, oh! Boy!  

There really is no more elegance. No more poetry. And no more tingles … at all … because that is about the crappiest sentence by the crappiest savior … ever.

So … it looks like we’re stuck with President Devil.  President Donald J. Devil.


And remember … better the devil you know than the devil that screwed you … and 330 million other folks.

Denis Ian

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