This Is What It’s Come To …

A picture is worth a thousand insults.

You don't.png

She’s the newest liberal hero. A star.

She’ll be all over television.


You’re not a hero. You’re a Deplorable. You’ll be at work.

She counts. You don’t.

She’s from the Democratic Republic of the Congo … and she came all the way here to tell us we suck.

Liberals love her. Not you. Her.

She says we’re a cruel and unjust nation. You think otherwise. But they listen to her. Not you. You don’t matter. She matters.

The Congo is a moral and humanitarian mess … like Yeman and Syria. Apparently, we’re worse.

According to refugee organizations, women and children in the Congo are sexually abused “in all possible manners” … but she had to protest our treatment of children who were abused, raped, and used as entry chips to get into America.

In her country, two million kids are on the verge of starvation … but we’re the bad guys for feeding, clothing, and seeing to the health of children while we sort out their immigrant mess.  That’s why she crawled up Lady Liberty … and mocked you … and America … on the Fourth of July.

Her country’s been in a civil war for 22 years … so the U.S. State Department issued a Level 3 Travel Advisory. But she traveled to Liberty Island on an open-air ferry … in beautiful New York harbor … to tell us we’re very bad people.

Last January … in ONE week … 7,000 Congolese fled to Burundi and another 1,200 slipped into Tanzania. They left … fled … ran away.  Since the turn of this century, America has taken in approximately 30,000 immigrants … legal and illegal … EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

This was done to embarrass you. To embarrass America. To embarrass your vote.

       Because you’re all deplorable bastards.

Have a good one.

Denis Ian


WHO IS SHE? You’re not gonna believe it…CLICK HERE









































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