Europe is enraged …  at the United States.

The continent we twice saved is angered …  at America.

Free Europeans …

who see American war-dead buried in their own fields …

are riled by the Unites States.


Nations saved from the Soviet threat …

are mad at us.

Millions whose safety was secured by American might

… for seven decades …

are outraged at us.

Europeans who have prospered because of this nation

… are offended by us.

So they humiliate our president. 

Trump Face Serious.png

Mock the leader we selected …

because he’s not the leader they would have chosen.

And England’s most pathetic losers stand forth

in vile, obscene displays of disrespect


… and no one stood to speak against them.

In the not-so-distant future …

when Muslims rule from London to Leeds

Let them In.jpg

 … and England is over-run with the

Muslim chaos they invited …

they will turn to us again.

   And we should turn our backs.

 But we won’t. 

Because this is America …

and America has what they do not … 

 honor and courage.

Denis Ian

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