The NY Times Strikes Its Colors

I think I hear “Uncle!” …

“The publisher of The New York Times … ‘implored’ President Donald Trump to reconsider his broad attacks on journalists, calling the president’s anti-press rhetoric “not just divisive but increasingly dangerous.”*

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This is the NY Times suing for peace. With President Trump. Losers do that.  I guess that winning thing was for real.

A.G. Sulzberger runs the Times … a paper that’s always featured itself as the icon of the news world. That was long ago. Not any more. Now they’re just another archaic sheaf of newsprint. An internet stop among many for those sucking up the news of the day.

Their prominence is gone … and so is their influence. And now … now the commander of the ship is striking his colors.


They were the elite of the Fourth Estate …  the media … that mangy collection of venomous scribblers, news-benders, and camera-mugging intolerants who decided what we should and shouldn’t think.

They’re still more likely to create the news than report it. They lie out of habit, persuade out of bias, and never feel a bit of shame because not a soul in that great piss-pot knows of such a thing.

There is endless egoism that produces ridiculous episodes of journalistic weirdness.  Big city papers are famous for non-stop productions of dishonesty, defamation, and distortion. Just a never-ending discharge of virulent antagonism.

And all the while, Middle America … that’s all of us … was cold-shouldered and scorned by biased scribblers for expecting their values and virtues to be honored. Instead we were mocked.

And so Middle America provided a great shock. And his name is Trump.

So there is long-lasting upset and anguish in the liberal newsrooms across the nation … because some outsider won’t honor the inside deviancy … or put up with their prejudice.

It’s more than a commotion … this is the worst crisis of their contorted lives.

They are filled with angst and dread that their worn act might be yanked off stage … and they’ll be left with a life less glamorous …  less lime-lighted … which was precisely the aim of those who voted not so long ago.

The table has been flipped. The game-board upended. America is fed up with that long-running freak-show …. and delighted to see it threatened.

And the freaks are freakin’ out because a renegade has spot-lighted this unethical journalistic sewage … and brimstoned that he will turn them all over for public pillorying.

And he has.

And now … now they are begging for relief.

For this there is great applause … because this nation is sick of the creepy and the freaky. Tired of being over-drenched with the queer and the outlandish. And the illogical.

They want balance back. And simple common sense. They want a government with fewer celebrities and more unknown magistrates of the common good. And news sources that report the news rather than bend it.

They want government to recede from their lives as much as possible … so that it once again becomes an occasional necessity of which we need only to be reminded of once in a while.

The people-class is not as interested in elegance as it is in regaining equilibrium … that missing balance every society needs. Ordinary folks crave normality. And that’s why they chose a disturber. A status quo destroyer.

Not for the noise, but to quiet the crazy noise … because it was that foul in Washington and in the media.

This is a welcomed comeuppance. And folks should volume up and shout their approval of this overdue exorcism … so that it actually gains even more momentum.


Perhaps the nonsense will stop … and some self-reflection might happen … and America will again be re-centered on the business of serving those who spine this nation rather than those who despise it. And perhaps truth will make a comeback.

Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with a hallelujah moment. Nuthin’ at all.

Denis Ian


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