The ‘Gray Lady’ Is Cutting Herself

The Gray Lady is cutting herself.

Meet The New York Times’  newest editorial hire … Sarah Jeong … who, it seems, has a real problem with white men. And she has a racist problem of her own.


“Dumbass f*cking white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants …”

And this …

“… oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get from being cruel to old white men.”

And this …

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 6.34.30 AM.png

Wow!  I wonder if those are the same “old white men” who put their lives on the line to save South Korea … where this woman was born.



This darling’s ill-tempered past is oozing out of her bitter Twitter history … but the paper’s hierarchy … you know those “Dumbass f*cking white people” … seem to enjoy getting bitch-slapped by this Clairol-crazed goof.

Maybe the Gray Lady does have some fifty shades after all.

“For years now she has been going heavy on the rouge, lipstick, and eyeliner, using a push-up bra, and gadding about in stiletto heels.”

The Times … not the tie-dyed mophead.

That’s the black-and-blue perception of Joseph Epstein … contributing editor to The Weekly Standard.  He’s a straight-shooter … says the Gray Lady has begun “whoring after youth through pretending to be with-it.

And so The Times has lost consequence among those in the business.  Professionals … like Epstein … used to begin their day with the “newspaper of record“.  Not any more.

After half-a-century, Epstein is “determined to cut her loose” … because he’d rather “read the fine print in my insurance policies than the paper’s perfectly predictable editorials.

Molly Ivins remarked,  “The New York Times is a great newspaper: it is also No Fun.”  And now it has no character … no truth … and no virtue.

This was an unfun scribble for me.

My very first paying gig … as a four-year-old … was to clutch the fat Sunday New York Times as tightly as I could  … while bouncing around in the rumble seat of my father’s antique car. If the paper survived intact, I was lookin’ at a ten cent payday … and some cavity possibilities.


The Times was part of the tapestry of the house. As usual as a coffee pot. The paper was pulled apart by everyone … littering all three floors. So many headlines were sub-chapters of my life. My brain grew stubble because of that paper.

My father once called it “The Sunday textbook” …

Now I seldom ever bother with it because … because it’s so tilted. So partisan. And worst of all … so predictable.

I’m bored by it.

Bored and unsurprised that they hired such a classless neopunk who checked all the right boxes on the affirmative-action wellness chart.

And I’m unstunned to know The Times is diggin’ in its heels … excusing her racists rants by leaning on her gender and her ethnicity. The Times fired poor Quinn Norton in a finger-snap for more benign tweets. But she wasn’t Asian … or a thirtysomething.  And she didn’t color her hair like an anime bitchette.

Arthur Miller had it right,  “A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.The New York Times needs to have an earnest conversation with itself … because it no longer listens to the nation.  And that’s a shame.

It seems to me … The Times has simply given up.

Denis Ian















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