Please Care Less

Dear Barack,

Thanks, but no thanks. You’ve done enough.


In fact, you’ve done too much.

We’re very okay now. In a very good spot. No reason to check back in.

Folks have jobs. Taxes hurt less. The PC stuff doesn’t sting anymore … and the race card has finally gone lame.

Businesses can breathe. Trade is fairer. Someone’s minding the borders. Others have a healthy respect for us.

There’s lots of optimism all around … because things are getting done. It’s all less talky … and lot’s more doing. The future’s not so furry …. and not so crazy looking.

For a while, it looked like the wheels were comin’ off.

Then we caught a break. Dodged that bullet back in 2016. Didn’t have to suffer Miss Hillary.  Glad to miss that circus. 

So … you can leave us be. We’re great again, honest.

Put your feet up … please.



Denis Ian

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