Liberals still insist they’re right … and you’re wrong. Certain that they own the truth … and that you own shallow-selfish, prejudiced lives.

They champion everyone but you.

You don’t matter.

You’re the problem.


But we’re not supposed to notice such stuff. Nope.

Not supposed to notice that they mock us.  Blame us. And curse us.

They’re mad … because you got mad … and told your representative not to back down.

And they didn’t.

So now we’ll suffer the screechers and screamers … put up with the holier-than-thous wiping away tears … and the non-stop sneering … at you and me … because we found their tactics disgusting.

It seems we forgot an important rule:

We’re not supposed to win.  

Our job is to look defeated. All the time.

Even when we win. 

So ruin their lives … again. This November … win again. And make ’em cry … again. 

Here’s some tough-shit news for all of you on the Left …


We’re just gettin’ started.

Denis Ian

h/t Joanne Ransley

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