The Village Idiots Strike Again

HEADLINE: “A Mississippi Marching Band Staged a Halftime Skit Depicting Students Pointing Guns at Police”

Read that again … so it sinks in.

Why didn’t parents know about this skit? Why wasn’t this cleared before hand? Why does this band director still have his job? Why is the principal so clueless?

This is the perfect case in point.


Others do what they want with your sons and daughters. You’re so insignificant they don’t even bother to run things by you. You’re ignored.

So you get raw sex ed, school walk-outs, coed bathrooms, disturbing band performances … and lots more nonsense.

You see, the new, modern mission of public education … and those extra-enlightened educators …  is to provide the right wisdoms, morals and ideals for the children who arrive lacking. Lacking because you’re lacking. 

It’s just another comment on your parental ineptitude.

And this is your tax money that runs your schools …  yet they tell you to go straight to hell. And mock you all day long.

They’ve captured your children … and they’ll instill their values and norms and ethics … and the hell with YOU.

They’re in charge, you’re not.

They’re the village idiots who make us look like the real idiots. And they’re raising your sons and daughters … whether you like it or not.

You. Do. Not. Matter.

This reform mania has oozed into an ugly dimension. Wacky reading theories and goofy mathematics are one thing. Mind-bending … well … that’s life-changing stuff.

Don’t let these schools tug your child into that warped world. You’ll never get them back.


There is no virtue in asking YOUR child to withstand the idiocy of these adultsYOU have to take back control.

These are YOUR schools.

Act like YOU own them.


Denis Ian


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