Laughing at Liberals

This is what liberals do to normal. Jennifer Wagner lost a bike race to Rachel McKinnon. But Jennifer Wagner felt something wasn't quite fair ... because she lost to a man who said he was a lady. The amazing thing is that the real woman even spoke out against the unreal woman ... and lived to … Continue reading Laughing at Liberals

Common Core: The Zombie Reform

Common Core just won’t die. It’s alive, alright. Maybe under an alias, but it’s the same old poison … spawning troubling stuff.  Half-time band-shows that disrespect law enforcement. Kindergarten teachers hosting “Transition” ceremonies … for a five-year-old boy who fancies himself a girl. How about Black Lives Matter curriculum guides?  Hijab days? Sanctuary elementary schools? Co-ed bathrooms? Or fifth graders … Continue reading Common Core: The Zombie Reform

She Was Always There

If you ever get a chance to almost die, do it. It might change you forever. The clock was actually spinning backwards … and melting at the same time. And I wasn’t much upset at all … because I could still hear the ticking. I was amused by all the scientificky bleeps and blips… and … Continue reading She Was Always There

The Truth About Men … and Sex

I have no problem bein’ a man. Comes naturally. I know who I am … and what I’m like. I own up to myself … ‘cause I can’t lie worth a damn. I confess to lots … and it ain’t saintly stuff. First off, guys are … well … guys. And to hell with anyone … Continue reading The Truth About Men … and Sex

Hillary: Bury Her For Good

For the last quarter century, she's slithered in and out of seedy circumstances … webbing her power … and chessing herself toward the presidency. It was Obama ... and this woman's malignant ambition ... that has brought us here.   To this ugly, violent moment of uneasy soul-searching. Revealing a disturbing vulnerability we thought impossible. … Continue reading Hillary: Bury Her For Good

Lady Mirage

Guest post: The lady strolled in sepia, through a Technicolor crowd A woman from another time, another place allowed A gentleman to tip his hat, with hope to catch her eye And earn the slightest hint of smile, as she goes walking by He had no hat to tip, as the pavement lay beyond her … Continue reading Lady Mirage

The Village Idiots Strike Again

HEADLINE: "A Mississippi Marching Band Staged a Halftime Skit Depicting Students Pointing Guns at Police" Read that again ... so it sinks in. Why didn't parents know about this skit? Why wasn't this cleared before hand? Why does this band director still have his job? Why is the principal so clueless? This is the perfect case in … Continue reading The Village Idiots Strike Again

Parts Unknown

Guest Post: Part of me is gone, you know I’ve left for parts unknown, and though You hear my voice, you rub my hands I’m living in forgotten lands, where Voices only I will know, are laughing loud And whispering low, you look concerned You shouldn’t be, exchanging glances I don’t see With unseen faces … Continue reading Parts Unknown


All that's left of Columbus Day is a sale on runny ricotta ... and some crappy cannolis. As far as I can figure, somebody put dead Christopher Columbus on trial … sent his bones to prison ... where he was strung up by righteous liberals. So this is a sort of ghost holiday. It's here ... … Continue reading GOOD-BYE, COLUMBUS