Take Back Radio Interview – Shout Out

SHOUT OUT & Sincere thanks to Host of “Take Back” – Barbara McVeigh

Dominican UC Radio!
Wednesdays 12-1pm

102.3 FM in San Rafael or
Worldwide Livestream.


Barbara says “October 11 – Denis Ian is a retired teacher of English and social studies who taught for more than three decades in a top-rated school district. “Current educational reforms have warped public education over the last decade,” he says. Ian has been writing articles and online pieces challenging the current reforms and shares his work with state or local groups who need assistance.”


More about Barbara McVeigh;

“Take Back! hosted by yours truly . . . is a one hour political, arts and public affairs radio program highlighting the thinkers of today, with emphasis on Marin County residents, to discuss how to challenge and reshape American ideals and values. The program will introduce artists, intellectuals, comedians, writers, business leaders and more to foster a positive message of change and inspiration. We will get deep, and we will laugh at the absurdity of being human too!

Time to thaw out those minds and get back to thinking, feeling, believing and creating! Let’s talk how to rise to a higher level and become filled with purpose to help change our world around. The next generation is counting on us! – Barbara McVeigh

Education consists mostly of what we unlearn. – Mark Twain”

PLEASE LISTEN HERE TO OUR CONVERSATION  Take Back Interview http://wp.me/P6YoRU-ig



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