Harvey Weinstein – Not Your Usual Sleazy Saga.

This should’ve been written in the shower … where there’s plenty of soap.


Harvey Weinstein.

No, it’s not your usual sleazy saga.

But that’s what folks want it to be.

Just another guy gettin’ his jollies … because he could.

That’s true, alright … but it ain’t the whole story.

This dirt-bag embodies everything … and I mean everything … that modern American liberalism has become.

He’s not just another crude guy with horn-dog itchiness. This guy is sick-liberalism personified.


“I appreciate the way I’ve behaved … My journey now will be to learn about myself  and conquer my demons … I so respect all women and regret what happened.”-Weinstein 

Even his non-apology apology was a liberal classic.

He’s the pig in the room everyone smelled … but no one confronted. Never truthed. Never pulled aside. Gooed up in fraud and hypocrisy. An oinker with a swiney-ego … and a gagging swagger.

He was protected for decades …

able to out-live filthy episode after filthy episode.

Beyond what he did is …

how did he get away with it?

Sleuth that out … and you’ll find yourself in the stenchy basement-dungeon where liberalism spawns.

So let’s begin.

He was protected by his position … one that could make or break careers. So folks shut up.

He was protected by excessive wealth … because he could buy-off those he abused … or threaten them with ruining litigation.

He was protected by elitist Hollywood … because he generated wealth … and influence among the powerful.

He was protected by gutless wimp-men … who were probably hiding their own grungy indiscretions.

He was protected by his fundraising … he could gin-up millions for liberals … with just a few calls.

He was protected by trashy liberals … both men and women … who whored him as he whored those young wannabe starlets.

He was protected by phony feminists … liberal frauds who revealed just how artificial they really were.

He was protected by a rancid media … who knew … and we know they knew.

It’s a liberal trademark that’s revealed itself from Chappaquiddick to the Oval Office to casting couches.

The liberals have built a world where nothing is immoral or illegal anymore.

And to top it all off … he was extra-perverse. Make that extra-disgusting.


Denis Ian

BIG h/t to Barbara Eisinger

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