Western Civilization is Done…it’s a Sh**hole

That’s it. Western civilization is done. Over. Finis.

Donald Trump … referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries … asked: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

Which … to me … is a perfectly responsible question to ask … and one that’s been begging to be asked for a shitload of years.

But you can’t say those things.

And you certainly can’t say those things that way.

Unless you’re Donald Trump … who doesn’t give a shit.

Good for him.


Deep down, millions and millions of Americans are giggling their asses off this morning … because … because it’s a such a damn good question. And because it’s true.

And because they’ve said such things to themselves … and to others … dozens of times.

But … from Beantown to Freakysico … every liberal’s hair has burst into flames because Donald Trump said all of this. In unvarnished terms.

No pinky up. No cushioned language. No Churchillian wit.

He just said it … straight away.

And lots lost their shit … and went into voodoo convulsions because … in this age of daintyism … to use blunt-speak is a shitty thing to do. Or so they claim. In between gasps.

And now they’re shocked … so shocked … actually shocked to shit … because Donald Trump crossed another word-Rubicon … and spoke like you and me.

Think of that beautiful sin for a moment.

A politician thought like us … and spoke like us.

I think Donald Trump is a special shithead.

Denis Ian

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5 thoughts on “Western Civilization is Done…it’s a Sh**hole

    1. Turns out Jake Tapper admits he lied about sh*thole comment. What makes me laugh even more is that Barack Obama blamed Cameron for Libya becoming a shit show. That’s not racist in Liberals eyes though. that’s okay. It was very Presidential, but not what Trump said. Weird.

      Michelle Moore (Blog publisher)

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  1. Also consider that all of the Left’s demands to let those sorts into America are predicated EXACTLY upon those nations being shitholes. After all, you never hear them rant about not letting in more Europeans…

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  2. “To me, this represents a huge flaw in our national soul. ”

    For God’s sake … the man uttered an everyday term … and suddenly the sky’s falling.

    After years of being punished by wussied language and tip-toe speech, it’s very refreshing to hear some candid-speak about a reality acknowledged by everyone … from every political angle. There are shithole countries who create this migratory madness that impacts the planet. So … what’s wrong with calling them out?

    This is the proverbial pendulum in full swing. A decade … or more … of dainty, pinky-up word-cautions cooled real language … and cowered the ruth in a corner for fear that the wrong word-selection would cause the sky to fall. And that’s what some claim has happened.

    No .. it has not.

    So … here’s your inevitable backlash to silly language. This is what you get when you over-police and over-parse words … and then demand that people follow such nonsense.

    By the way, this hasn’t a thing to do with any “soul” … that’s just another murky bit of language hauled out of the ether for dramatic silliness.

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