Liberals Infect With Blind Hate – Suiciding America. Overdosing On Imagined Injustices.

Liberals sat on their hands … and hissed.

They booed America.

And they booed you.


Because you think borders should be secure. And schools returned to local control.  And inner cities restored to order.

Liberals slur you with every slur there is.

You’re violent and sexist and racist. America abuses everyone who burps out a gripe. We’re lazy-lousy egalitarians … because the rich get too rich … and the poor stay poor … and America doesn’t iron out every wrinkle in every life.

Liberals moan that the world snickers us … while living under our powerful wings.

They mock America as a highbrow nation … too snobby for the rest of the planet … and not really part of the brotherhood of nations. We’re the anti-globalists … the go-it-alone sorts. And those are very bad labels.

Liberals insist we are a wormed country. A dimmed beacon of hope with a burnt out bulb.

That’s what the Left says we are … and why they sat on their hands last night. Why they hissed like immature smart-asses. That’s their testimony about your country.

Their gospel-truth about America. It’s the poison they pass around.

And so we live in this moment of eternal antagonism … infected with blind hate … swept up in this undercurrent of grouchy grievances and alleged injustices … all cultivated by the liberal theology of blame.

And the blame is always on you. It’s your fault.

Liberals have made government the “big brother” of irritation that seeps into every crevice of everyday life. Telling us how to speak and think and act.

Governance is now a throbbing theatrical marathon starring clownish politicians saying the preposterous … refusing to let the curtain come down and allow us return to the business of minding our own lives.



An entire generation will come of age in this stenchy episode of personal resentment. And it will be ill-tutored … unable to guide this unique nation through inevitably trying times.

We are playing with cultural fire. Political dynamite. Rolling the dice. Turning the future into a crap-shoot.

Politics now rule and ruin our days.  An unhealthy obsession verging on the compulsive. And liberals are too willing to stoke this high fever … to keep the animosity gurgling … because it needles their drama fix.

And soon … if we are not careful enough … we will all pay the piper.

Abraham Lincoln warned us … told us that straight away …

“America will never be destroyed from the outside … it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”


That’s exactly what some are doing.  Suiciding America. Overdosing on imagined injustices.

And to think we might toss it all away … because liberals would rather indict this country than celebrate it.


Throw it all away for the prize of late night laughter … or to prove some political cleverness … or to pout.

That’s not how America became the most envied experiment in all of human history. And this shouldn’t become our epitaph.


Denis Ian and Michelle Moore

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