The Perverse Children’s Crusade – Hamster-Wheeling For Progressivism

Guest post: Michelle Moore

Kiss your children good-bye and whisper Godspeed

 … they’ve been drafted by the Far Left … without your permission. Again.

Liberal-progressives intend to use YOUR schools and YOUR children to protest the Bill of Rights – namely the Second Amendment. On YOUR dime.

April 20, 2018, marks the 19th anniversary of Columbine High School massacre. Far Left,  Anti-Second Amendment zealots intend to make this date a curious memorial.

Teacher unions are mobilizing their anti-American forces to strip you of your parental rights AND your Constitutional rights.

And they intend to hamster-wheel your children … and drive home their progressive agenda.

So on April 20th,  students will walk out of school. And everyone seems pretty cool with it.

And the “Resistance” … the Anti-American “Indivisibles” … and other hard-left militant progressives … will capture the day  … and conscript your children.

The nation’s two largest teachers unions …  the AFT and the  NEA will lead the way. NYSUT … New York’s powerful teacher union …  is on board. And the Marxist “Badass Teachers Association” and the Network for Public Education (NPE) are in a fury.

Even the confused Diane Ravitch is high on her horse … shrieking … for social militancy.

The Walkout has its origin in the “Women’s March Youth.” … the Pussy Hat Brigade  …  and the anti Trump, Soros-funded paraders led by Sharia-loving Linda Sansour,



It’s a social justice jamboree. And your child’s included … whether you approve or not.



Did they strike for children and families opposed to the lunatic Common Core reforms?


Would they empty the schools to protest abusive reforms that slammed their own children too?


Would they challenge legislative actions that codified the National Common Core Standards.


Did they threaten Congress with a nationwide disturbance in a quest to save children from academic abuse?


But their courage is unlimited when it comes to tearing down America.



Your children are pawns in the socialist blueprint to dismantle the Bill of Rights. Teachers will showcase their fraudy bravery by clocking in for the day  … to guarantee their pay-check … before they drag your child into their social justice campaign.

You have regency over your child. No one can usurp your rights. No one can exploit your children.
Resistance* is growing across the nation.
Add your anger

mind your children.


Michelle Moore … with Denis Ian

*South Dakota school cancels student walkout amid backlash

*School district yanks support of April 20 student-organized walkout


5 thoughts on “The Perverse Children’s Crusade – Hamster-Wheeling For Progressivism

  1. Ms. Moore you knocked it out of the ball park this time. Thank you. I am encouraging parents to set up a meeting with their local law enforcement and district school officials to create a plan for their schools to keep their children safe. We do not need the federal government to do what we should do ourselves. There are many counties across America that have already established safe schools for their children and YES some do involve armed people inside the schools. My county has worked it out and it can be done. Diane Ravitch was and still is today a progressive liberal and because of her we are seeing the destruction of our schools today. Her REIN OF ERROR didn’t fool everyone. She had no clue what was needed inside our schools many years ago and she still has no clue today. Again, I encourage parents, students and teachers to set up meetings for March 14th instead of wasting your time just to have a few minutes of fame. What so you can brag about how you made a stink on March 14th. Is that going to fix you district school? Is that going to make your schools safer? No it is not. Sitting down with your community and developing a plan is the answer. I don’t want the federal government determining how to keep my kids safe. They cannot even get out of their own way. Do something constructive on March 14th. Perhaps on March 15th you will have a plan of action instead of laryngitis.


  2. One can only pray for the LORD S protection and mercies but parents should all be aware of this perverted unholy un GODLY agenda that disseminates from satan himself in the form of his minions and followers. Communists and socialists vilify attack and subvert the truth, but most of all lie and destroy unto death. Look at the world s history and see what Venezuela has become. Parents need to educate their children about reality and what truly is afoot. The mass media in all formats is fraudulent untruthful propaganda and it has always been ‘their’ evil intent to capture the young and innocent and destroy their minds and souls. This is what the LORD predicted and it is a spiritual battle between good and evil. Pray without ceasing and guard your families from the enemy. None of this subversive ideology and philosophy is of GOD. And there can be no good that can come of it I promise you that…


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