ALERT! Teen Brains Under Construction

No one is a bigger fan of teenagers than I am. 

I taught that age group for thirty years.

They have fat hearts, kind souls, lots of decency … and some own genuine sincerity … most of the time.

But they’re young …. and easily herded … and not as wise to the world as folks assume.

A lone, confident teenager is not a very accurate representative of the age group. The best of them may tend to their studies religiously … but that’s not a guarantee that they know a great deal beyond the surface of issues that consume adults. And lots exhibit slender interest to learn much more.


And many, many, many of them have not even outgrown their me-centric view of the world … that everything is in a special orbit around them … from the weather to their acne horror to devastating moments like this. They straddle that wavy line between childhood and young adulthood.

They are soft and kind kids … but most aren’teven 200 months old. They are, in many regards, not very far from diaperhood.

To suggest that teens across America had this sudden epiphany about gun control is beyond belief.

And then to see them mobilize this anti-gun, anti-Trump, anti-NRA jamboree …. over night … strains credulity.

There are social justice hound-dogs out there who exploit these children … and certain teachers soak their classrooms with their disturbing ideologies … preying on intellects still under construction, wobbly will-power, and lots of apprehension.


And that’s precisely why they are such desired recruits.

These youngsters are being drafted and exploited …. beguiled by adults they trust. And the social justice apostles won’t dare seek your approval … because they don’t give a damn about you as a parent.  It’s your children they seek to gather up … and the hell with you.

So they’ve made the decision to march your children out of school … some clad in orange … in order to make THEIR ideological points. That’s ideological pimping … brainwashing … outright indoctrination.

How do these youngsters resist this sort of pressure? … from people who have power and control over their daily lives? They haven’t the skills to question these ideologues … and most probably not the courage.

Perhaps you should ” refuse to be lectured by politicians who talk about innocents being gunned down, yet support abortion on demand, the  … same politicians who allow illegal aliens killers, drug dealers and human traffickers to come into our country with impunity.”

Maybe you should “refuse to be lectured by social justice warriors who say a man wearing high heels, a wig, lipstick and a skirt is entirely “normal”  …  The same SJW’s who think a man using the same bathroom as a ten-year girl is entirely ok.

And then they try to shrink you with crap-jargon, swishy logic, and snotty belligerence.

And parents … aren’t you offended at all that others have made serious decisions … with  serious consequences … for your teens? … without so much as a half-hearted effort to acquire your approval?

But that’s the popular MO of the Left … the new modus operandi in schools across America that lets  parents find out what’s underway  … after it’s underway!  Because you have every right to be the last to know.

Your sons and daughters are about to become child crusaders for the Left … and this stunt may well place them in real-deal danger.

But the social justice zealots are in charge … so relax.

If you dare.

Denis Ian

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