We Have Hit Bottom – We Need A Cultural Transfusion

“I’d like to protect children, too, but … is everything worth sacrificing to that? I mean, drugs have done a lot of good … They’ve midwived a lot of good ideas… lot of great songs, you know? I think ‘Penny Lane’ is worth 10 dead kids. … I think ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is worth 100 dead kids. There, I said it.” Bill Maher

And that’s what we’ve become … jokey slobs of bad virtue … mockers …  keepers of the crude. Classless.

What a quick crash.

But who’s surprised?

It seems we’ve given in to more than just foul humor from a late-night smart-ass … because now our most wicked symptom of decay is on ugly display.


Men … sworn to protect children … hid from the moment because they lacked courage. Because their courage was bullshit bravado. Pure bluff. Cowardice.

And this has to be the most wicked symptom of how diseased we have become … when those who stepped forward … for careers in law enforcement … couldn’t step forward to shield children in a moment of slaughter.

What heretics of heroism. There’s nothing left to say.

  • Of all the creepy-freaky swerves this society has taken over the last decade or so, none comes near this.
  • Not vulgar arguments about bathroom sharing.
  • Not wacky declarations about fluid genders or asinine safe spaces.
  • Not asinine arguments about the virtues of sanctuary cities or applauding flag-burners.

Nothing … absolutely nothing … comes close to this disgusting evidence that America is now in a very bad way.

Of all the tell-tale indicators that this society is in a great skid, none rises to this disturbing measure. Nothing comes close to abandoning children in their moment of terror.

Nothing has exposed us as delusional liars more than this moment. There’s not a single explanation … no comment … that can excuse this away.


We need a cultural transfusion. Fast. To run lots of horrible shit out of this very sick society.

And treat ourselves to a nation-saving infusion of integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, and moral courage.

Because … we have hit bottom.

Denis Ian

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