Silly Stuff – CNN Is A Political Party

America is a two-party system … there’s the Republican Party …  and the CNN Party.

The Democrat Party has vanished … gone away … and the CNN Party now runs the Republican opposition. They set the agenda … chart the strategies … grow the enthusiasm … and spin the issues.

Pelosi and Schumer are political mannequins … veritable dummies who fumble from one moment to the next … only to be rescued by CNN first stringers such as Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and Wolf Blitzer.


The driving force of the CNN Party is Jeff Zucker … the perennial loser in the Fake News War with the President. Trump plays ’em all. 

They still sniff that he was elected by the Russians … that he’s a racist … a misogynist … an Islamophobe … and a xenophobe.  And a meanie. And a lot of other stuff that’ll one day be made into a board game.

Big Fat Meanie

Please don’t stop. DO NOT spoil a good thing? Keep it up! … knot your own noose.

So … the Democrat Party is a cheapo side-show with  klutzy-comic Pelosi talking about “doggie-do” …  and a ham-handed Schumer who can’t remember what he said the day before.


And Zucker suffers them because he has to … because everyone at the CNN Party insists they are a legit news outfit … and those doofuses are their cover.

But they’re not a news outfit.

They’re a political party.

Of doofuses.

Take that CNN town hall… that wasn’t a town hall at all. That’s like saying Jean d’Arc’s execution was a family barbecue.

Gas Can

It was a public-ridiculing session for Marco Rubio … by a hall filled with seethers.  And it was glaring proof that he was a lousy-dumb presidential possibility. Just a President Trump suggested.

It was a choreographed venting of liberal soot … and CNN’s Jake Tapper … the party chairman …  stood by like an intellectual stooge … pretending he was managing a thoughtful moment … when nearly every speaker was a rude, CNN-approved, anti-gun zealot.

And he thinks America was fooled … because the CNN Party thinks you’re that dumb.

The Democrat Party is now entirely inconsequential.  It has no policies, no vision, and no platform. It’s a mess. The only real intrigue is who will CNN pick for the 2020 Trump Challenge.

Which head-nodding Democrat will they anoint?  Warren? Cuomo? Some obscure black hopeful? A Hollywood celebrity? Or perhaps they’ll dig up Hillary Clinton … again? … just to prove they had it right in the last election … that went wrong.

Yes … they’re that noxious … and that stupid.

The CNN Party has quite the line-up … and quite the organization. They can saturate TV … dispatch an army of field fops and cutesy analyst-guests who never stray from the CNN party line. They’ve got agitators …antagonizers … and pests.

But they don’t have a Trump. And they don’t have Tweety.


Denis Ian


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