Fakers, Frauds, and Liars

This brief video  …  sent by an alert friend … shatters this moment. Collapses this latest display of manufactured drama.

It spotlights the phony shock at what’s happening at the borders … then calls out the latest liberal narrative that’s destined to fall flat. A debacle brought about by liberal policies … a crisis openly encouraged by liberals intent on torching President Trump.

And we are expected to erase all of the past that’s catalogued here on video? Play a silly game? Fake along with the fakers?

A past featuring their own political leaders advocating for the very same solutions as Donald Trump.

But now … now those recorded moments should be forgotten. Never remembered. Never cited … because now it does NOT fit the moment they want so desperately to exploit.

So President Trump becomes the devil incarnate. The inhumane, cold-hearted beast of the century … for positioning himself exactly like his liberal predecessors did a short while ago. But with the customary Donald Trump directness.


This border activity is their latest gaspy narrative … the one they hope catches fire. But they’ve flamed out time and time again … from tax cuts to the North Korean talks to kneeling silliness to sympathy for gang murderers.

This is how liberals spend their energy. In melodramatic shock slobbered around the country by their media sycophants.

It’s so old. So worn. So expected.

They’re not interested in your comfort or your security. They prefer you edgy and angry and pissy.

And they will do anything at all to crawl into your psyche … as long as it flips you on Donald Trump.


What the hell has happened to the Democrat Party? 

Listen carefully … it is just seconds long.

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