Rule By Tantrum

An unfunny thing happened on the way to the Supreme Court …

As if being costumed as five-foot vaginas isn’t silly enough …  a pack of liberal-feminists blasted out a  pre-written — and poorly edited — statement from the Women’s March on President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination …” 

Hmmm. The Women’s March? Ahhhh, nostalgia …


And these feminist-geniuses pilloried candidate “XX” as a sure-shot to “further erode protections for almost every marginalized group in America.”

Of course. Of course.

Doesn’t get any worse than Nominee XX.


Yes. Supreme Court nominee “XX” was condemned before we had any information at all. Accused incognito … and found guilty in absentia … before we ever had a name … or a gender … or a bit of biography.

This is the New America the Left is designing … and time is of the essence.

They got it from Obama … with his “phone and pen” diplomacy.  Governance by edict. By fiat. By decree.

The hell with any process. Who needs that stuff anyway?

And who needs that “innocent before guilty” stuff when you can go straight to the gallows?  Clean up any problem in a finger-snap.  That’s justice, I tell you.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was never mentioned  … because it wasn’t necessary. The outrage was necessary. That was all that mattered.

And that’s been their method in madness since November 8, 2016. 

Scream before you leap. Howl at the moon … and wail like hell. And be sure to answer that Pavlovian bell … that dog whistle …  to summon up instant panic and peril … because Donald Trump did this or said that.

And above all … look pissed.


Because there’s nothing more bone-chilling

than an irate vagina … so I’m told.

And these ever-angry women rush from protest to protest … on a split-second’s notice … high-fiving old vagina friends … accusing everyone else of not taking them seriously.

And they can’t figure out why.


And they’re not alone in their dumbness. 

Pelosi calls MS-13 gang-bangers “Children of God”. Schumer cries like a faucet over vetting Muslim bad guys, Warren loses her feathers over a tax cut. And Bernie Sanders … the socialist … buys another house.

They warn that climate change is gonna choke us and children are gonna die. And that sanctuary cities are very Christian … as they outlaw crosses on soldiers’ graves.

They insist that full-employment is bad economics … and that open borders will bring the “best of the best” to America … while they brand ICE agents as Nazis … or worse.

They cheer on a moron who climbs Lady Liberty on the Fourth of July … but tattoo the National Anthem as unnecessary nationalism.

They hate any process that doesn’t deliver them power.

Suddenly …  the Electoral College is bad stuff. The Constitution, too.  Now there’s something wrong, wrong, wrong with the way a Supreme Court justice is selected.

They want power … and they want it their way … on their terms.

Right now. This minute.


It’s rule by tantrum.

I could go on and on and on … because I could go on and on and on. It’s all too easy with these clowns. But this is how they convince America that they’re in it for us. To serve us … to look after our country … and preserve all that we cherish.

But they can’t … or won’t … see what a mess they’ve made. So they keep pounding that same drum … and doin’ that same dance … and expectin’ folks to get up and join in. 

And they won’t.

Because they’re laughing … at them.

Denis Ian

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