Andrew Cuomo: Democrat Genius

A genius he is not.

Andrew Cuomo wants be president of the United States.  He also thinks he can sue the Supreme Court.

 “We have a better legal case when the Supreme Court acts because I will sue when the Supreme Court acts …”

How do you sue the Supreme Court? You can’t.

Super Duper.png

There is no Super Duper Supreme Court of the United States … okay?

Andrew Cuomo is a fascinating dope.

Here’s more.

Not quite content with a modest headstone for his father’s grave, Andrew Cuomo wanted a more visible memorial. A bridge. A three-mile long bridge … across the Hudson River.


What’s wrong with a new playground? A municipal garage? How about a bus stop … or perhaps a pond in the woods?

No, no, no …

He pushed this through the state legislature in the middle of the night … and now New Yorkers can cross that river on the Mario. M. Cuomo Bridge … which they will pay for over the next four hundred years.

And that, dear plebeians, is a tell-tale symptom of congestive arrogance.

But let’s circle back to his vast knowledge of the law.

Andrew Cuomo finally passed his bar exams … on the fourth try …

which perfectly explains his judicial IQ … as well as his genius for politics.

Get a load of this …

Back in 2011 … in a radio interview … Governor Cuomo … in a moment of stunning political modesty …  declared …

“I am the government.”

-Andrew Cuomo

Oh! I didn’t know Louis was a pal.

In 2014, Andrew Cuomo decided to purge New York State of undesirables … “The Bad People” … citizens who were pro-Second Amendment, anti-abortion, and not-so-hot on gay marriage.  

He said …

“… they are the extreme conservatives

they have no place in the state of New York.”


And that’s why New York State is the home of tolerance.

Even if it’s 

“The cloud of corruption hanging over Gov. Andrew Cuomo just got darker …  A federal court jury … convicted all defendants on all charges in a bid-rigging scheme involving the governor’s Buffalo Billion program …

…the verdict is a permanent taint on the governor’s honor and judgment — and the ethical standards he sets.”

Ethical standards?

He has none.

And then there’s his educational genius.

At the height of the opt-out movement in 2015, Cuomo tried to calm angry parents who were fed up with the controversial Common Core testing madness by saying …

“The grades are meaningless … it’s practice and the score doesn’t count.”

Ahhh! More genius! So school’s a waste of time … and I thought he didn’t know a damn thing about education! I guess he never got over that bar exam trauma. Poor guy.

And now this same guy wants to be your next president. 


Maybe appoint some folks to the Supreme Court. Make some treaties. Pass some laws. Learn to spell. 

Maybe crown himself king.

Thought you should meet him … so you’d have time to pack up … and head for the bridge … to escape. 

Denis Ian

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