Seize the Lie!

Democrats lie.

All the time.

It’s a habit they can’t shake. They lie big … and small. With straight faces … and with Liberace flamboyancies. 

Some glare … or make scrunchy faces. Others sob …  maybe shake a finger. Flail some arms. Or just look nuts.

There are beginner liars … and lying superstars. But the best liars … by far … are liberal Democrats.

Like Nancy Pelosi stretching the truth … calling MS-13 thugs Divine children of God”.


That shoulda won a Golden Pinocchio .

Or Charlie “Chuckles” Schumer weeping about background checks for radical Islamists who wanna carve us up.

Real Tears.jpg

How about vein-popping Luis “Stroke” Gutierrez? He always looks like his head might explode … and cover the earth with spittle. All his wife ever says to him is, “Get outta here with that face, Lulu!”

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) Discusses Class-Action Lawsuit Involving Families Separated Due To Deportations

The first reaction of liberal Democrats is to lie. And it doesn’t matter if they step on yesterday’s lies and contradict themselves. They don’t care … because they don’t think you’re smart enough to notice.

Their pants never go on fire like other liars … mostly because they’re always droppin’ their pants … and lyin’ their way outta scuzzy situations.

Everyday is a new lyin’ day. Today’s dishonesties are the only ones that matter.  Yesterday’s falsehoods are stale. Fresh deceits are cooked up every night. Like New York bagels.

You name it and liberal Democrats have double-talked it …

Immigration. Radical Islam. Same sex marriage.

Lower taxes. Borders. Gender. Terrorism.

Liberals check the political wind every day … and then lie away. They’re big-time, all-star liars. Hall of Defamers.

Gettin’ caught in a lie is small stuff … because they have full-time whopper-makers who never disappoint. There’s always a new day … and a new lie.

Yup! “Carpe Liem!”  … “Seize the Lie!”

That’s their new slogan I just made up. With phony Latin. It’s what I get for hangin’ around with these people.

So here we are … on the back-stretch of this election season. Get ready for “kids tortured in prison cages” … Pence has a three-foot tattoo of a cross on his back … McConnell owns Arab slaves. And Trump is married to his daughter.

It’s the desperate season. You understand. 



Denis Ian

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