Liberal Desperation

A Central American migrant … heads for the US … screamed … “Donald Trump is the antichrist … he’s going to hell!”

All because he won an election

he wasn’t supposed to win.

Democrats are election losers.

And desperate times call for desperate measures … and that’s what’s happening now … with this caravan of border-crashers headed our way.

Nuthin’ in this world happens by coincidence. 

Somebody put out an “invitation” for these invaders to huddle up and head north. Guess who?


We’re bein’ played … again.

Just as we were played at the Kavanaugh hearings. Or with the Russian nonsense. The Muslim ban. And the kids in cages crap.

This? This is a last-ditch election tactic for a party that’s out of ideas … out of favor … and out of touch.

And remember …


Liberal Democrats will sacrifice order … civility … safety … and YOU … to win. That’s what desperate people do.

Prepare yourself for a sympathetic media barrage. Wrenching pictures of limp babies cradled in the tattooed arms of MS-13 thugs.

Think Chuck Schumer …


Think Nancy Pelosi …


Think how stupid

 they think 

YOU are.


Denis Ian

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