The Truth About Men … and Sex

I have no problem bein’ a man. Comes naturally. I know who I am … and what I’m like. I own up to myself … ‘cause I can’t lie worth a damn. I confess to lots … and it ain’t saintly stuff. First off, guys are … well … guys. And to hell with anyone … Continue reading The Truth About Men … and Sex

Hillary: Bury Her For Good

For the last quarter century, she's slithered in and out of seedy circumstances … webbing her power … and chessing herself toward the presidency. It was Obama ... and this woman's malignant ambition ... that has brought us here.   To this ugly, violent moment of uneasy soul-searching. Revealing a disturbing vulnerability we thought impossible. … Continue reading Hillary: Bury Her For Good

Stoopid Stuff

It's a wild world out there. Stoopid, too. There's dumb all around. Folks citing make-believe laws. Making up constitutional facts. Alleging imaginary precedents.  Because liberals insist they're right ...  and you're wrong.  And they have the lies to prove it. You'd think they'd won an election or something. Al Gore ... the man who swore we'd all … Continue reading Stoopid Stuff

They’re All Nuts

Before the first drop of rain ... or the first gust of wind ... The Washington Post has decided that Hurricane Florence belongs to President Trump. It's his fault. President Poseidon is gonna drown us all. "With depressingly ironic timing ... The Trump administration has now attacked all three pillars of President Barack Obama’s climate-change … Continue reading They’re All Nuts

Spartacus Booker and the Spectacles

'Spartacus' Booker speaks: "Boot me from the Senate, but I’m going to violate rules to defeat Kavanaugh ...  no matter what!" When have we last seen such courage? "I understand that the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate." We all have our fingers crossed, Mister Spartacus. He's put his career ... that's going … Continue reading Spartacus Booker and the Spectacles

The Bullet We Dodged

Take a whiff! It doesn’t smell like low-tide anymore.  The Trump counter-insurgency  has ushered in cleaner air … and less stink. And Hillary Clinton is no where in sight! Donald Trump’s been marvelously unconventional in his counter-argument to the progressive idiocy of the Obama abomination. In a quick two years, he’s aerated US foreign policy … … Continue reading The Bullet We Dodged


You can't make this stuff up ... even in Hollywood. The power-saluting, Weinstein-whacking, #MeToo face of sexual impropriety has now become the hot-to-trot symbol of the brand new #YouToo movement.  Remember brave, ultra-defiant Asia Argento? She flexed her womanhood and brimstoned the gathered perverts at last spring's Cannes Film Festival … hell-firing all of the … Continue reading #Yikes

“America Sucks!” Got It?

Leave it to liberals to make America-bashing a freakish competition. There’s a revolting race to smear America as cruel … and cold … and heartless. That's you they're talking about. Got it? New York’s anti-Cicero … Andrew Cuomo … is the marble-mouthed dope who set it all off with a snarky-cool one-liner that blew up … Continue reading “America Sucks!” Got It?