Liberals still insist they’re right … and you’re wrong. Certain that they own the truth … and that you own shallow-selfish, prejudiced lives. They champion everyone but you. You don't matter. You're the problem. But we’re not supposed to notice such stuff. Nope. Not supposed to notice that they mock us.  Blame us. And curse … Continue reading WINNING


An unfunny thing happened on the way to the Supreme Court. Democrats can no longer win elections … so they’ve decided that they no longer have consequences. At least not in this moment. They’re all about destroying any process that doesn’t deliver them their satisfaction. They don’t care at all about fairness … or decency … Continue reading DUPED

Stoopid Stuff

It's a wild world out there. Stoopid, too. There's dumb all around. Folks citing make-believe laws. Making up constitutional facts. Alleging imaginary precedents.  Because liberals insist they're right ...  and you're wrong.  And they have the lies to prove it. You'd think they'd won an election or something. Al Gore ... the man who swore we'd all … Continue reading Stoopid Stuff

Spartacus Booker and the Spectacles

'Spartacus' Booker speaks: "Boot me from the Senate, but I’m going to violate rules to defeat Kavanaugh ...  no matter what!" When have we last seen such courage? "I understand that the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate." We all have our fingers crossed, Mister Spartacus. He's put his career ... that's going … Continue reading Spartacus Booker and the Spectacles

The Bullet We Dodged

Take a whiff! It doesn’t smell like low-tide anymore.  The Trump counter-insurgency  has ushered in cleaner air … and less stink. And Hillary Clinton is no where in sight! Donald Trump’s been marvelously unconventional in his counter-argument to the progressive idiocy of the Obama abomination. In a quick two years, he’s aerated US foreign policy … … Continue reading The Bullet We Dodged

The New Social Jokester Warriors: Kinky Librarians

Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t stand a chance. There are creepier dangers than the Big Bad Wolf. Like librarians. That’s right. Librarians. But first … Why is everyone now identified by a sexual descriptor? Is sexuality the new ID? Who are these creepy misfits who just can't resist sexualizing everything from pronouns to puppet shows … Continue reading The New Social Jokester Warriors: Kinky Librarians

“America Sucks!” Got It?

Leave it to liberals to make America-bashing a freakish competition. There’s a revolting race to smear America as cruel … and cold … and heartless. That's you they're talking about. Got it? New York’s anti-Cicero … Andrew Cuomo … is the marble-mouthed dope who set it all off with a snarky-cool one-liner that blew up … Continue reading “America Sucks!” Got It?

Who Killed Mister Rogers?

Childhood is taking a beating … pounded by ill-intentioned adults who seem in a special hurry to disease it with a certain regimentation. Quick to poison any spontaneity or innocence … and slam kids into adulthood before their own childhood is barely underway. What the heck are we doing? The last decade has seen furious … Continue reading Who Killed Mister Rogers?

The Logic-Beaters

I get a kick out of seven year olds dressed up as democrats … because they remind me of the real thing. So James Clapper and John Brennan … former intel big wigs …  are super miffed-off because President Trump doesn’t want them hiding under his bed.   Imagine that! Since they're free-lance pains-in-the-ass, Trump sees … Continue reading The Logic-Beaters