Make It Stop!

Look how cavalier we’ve become about childhood. How liberally we allow others to guinea-pig our children … and how uncourageous we are in their protection. Too many reckless people toy with their innocence, tamper with their sexuality, and monkey around with their learning. Too many are too determined to over-water their brains … and starve … Continue reading Make It Stop!

Harvey Weinstein – Not Your Usual Sleazy Saga.

This should’ve been written in the shower … where there’s plenty of soap. Harvey Weinstein. No, it’s not your usual sleazy saga. But that’s what folks want it to be. Just another guy gettin’ his jollies … because he could. That's true, alright … but it ain't the whole story. This dirt-bag embodies everything … … Continue reading Harvey Weinstein – Not Your Usual Sleazy Saga.

Take Back Radio Interview – Shout Out

SHOUT OUT & Sincere thanks to Host of "Take Back" - Barbara McVeigh Dominican UC Radio! Wednesdays 12-1pm 102.3 FM in San Rafael or Worldwide Livestream. PLEASE LISTEN HERE TO OUR CONVERSATION Take Back Barbara says "October 11 – Denis Ian is a retired teacher of English and social studies who taught for more than … Continue reading Take Back Radio Interview – Shout Out

Under Pressure

The day started as it always does … bumping around in the dark. The coffee was still too hot to sip … and there was this … this mother’s growl in the dark … “… this morning … find multiple parents complaining about excessive Kindergarten homework 6-7 handouts, writing assignments … and 1.5 hours of … Continue reading Under Pressure

Tipping Point

So ... when does the tipping-point tip? Probably when our heads explode. The Grievance Game has some new players … Oberlin College undergraduates … who cough up 70k per year to bitch with the best. These privileged brats have certainly purchased the privilege to feel unprivileged to live in overly-privileged America. “When our field hockey … Continue reading Tipping Point

Father and Son

“There shall always be love." That buzzed my ear one sticky, summer night … after my father ... the college professor ... got a little rickety with some other dads ... down on the beach. A little too wobbly … after over-sipping. He wasn’t much of a beach guy … or a water guy. He'd … Continue reading Father and Son

Maybe, Maybe Not Age

A recent Boston Magazine article belched … “In Praise of Mediocre Kids” … and asked … “Why can’t we just accept that?”… Which calls to mind two odd sorts … English humorist Maximillian Beerbohm … and English misuser Yogi Berra. Sir Beerbohm said … “Only mediocrity can be trusted to be always at its best.” … Continue reading Maybe, Maybe Not Age

Trying Times – Sunshine Patriot

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” ~Thomas Paine~ This is America’s carnival moment. Its freak time. And the moment to … Continue reading Trying Times – Sunshine Patriot

The True Sword

I possessed the True Sword. In fact … I‘d made it myself. From exotic balsa wood. Imagined in my mind … designed by my brain … and brought to life by my own curiosity. That’s what a mind is for. I was nine. I had dreamed myself Caesar’s body-guard. The boy-wonder of the Praetorian Guard. The … Continue reading The True Sword

You. Did. Not. Matter. But … Now. You. Do.

For the last decade or so ... the message was extra-clear: You. Did. Not. Matter. It was the demand of the Liberal-Left that you … the middle class … apologize for any comfort you had brought to your own lives … because that effort did not include your lazy-ass neighbors. Liberals still insist they're right ... … Continue reading You. Did. Not. Matter. But … Now. You. Do.