Clap … With One Hand – Counterfeit Personalities – Hollyweirdoes

Does any profession pat themselves on the back more than these over-inflated brag-bags?

And from their televised perch they’ll wag fingers at us about our politics and values … all the while ignoring some of the great perverts of all time who run in their circle.

They are absolutely allergic to any introspection at all because … well … that sort of thoughtfulness would have to come from within … and they’re not capable of that.

They’re over-paid Pinocchios … stage and screen fantoccini who spit the words of others.


Glorified fakers. Counterfeit personalities. Paid impersonators. Professional imposters.

And yet they smug us … and belittle our conscience, dump on our ethics, bad-mouth our morals, scorn our mores … and blister our common sense.

They work in the universe of fiction and live in a sugared world far away from the reality of those who supply them their wealth.

But that doesn’t restrain at all.

So tune in tonight and and be lectured on the 2nd Amendment … which will take the spotlight off the pervs and other miscreants. And wait for the inevitable asses to open their lieholes and cuss out your president.

But also be prepared to be sermonized about the gender-confused, law-breaking dreamers, over examined Muslims, ruthless tax cuts, sanctuary martyrs, and open-border pleaders.

And be sure to clap … with one hand.

Denis Ian

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