Dear Perplexed,

I’ll do my best to explain … but … I don’t have much experience with crazy.

“Can the Democrats really be this stupid?”

Of course! Stupid and funny at the same moment! They’re drowning in talent. Remember these guys?  “Asparagus” Booker … “Hiawatha” Warren … and Boofy” Whitehouse.



BoofYeah … they can be that stupid. 

“They’ve already made a huge miscalculation with Kavanaugh …

now they’re doubling down again on illegal immigration?”

Perplexed, that caravan is their “Trump” card. The trap that wins them the House and Senate. Desperate folks do desperate things.  But it doesn’t mean they make good decisions.

Democrats are famous for poor judgements. They shoot themselves in the foot all the time.  It’s all part of their bad drama … their need to exaggerate.


Then they limp around … and tell everyone they’re heroes … like make-believe General “Dick” Blumenthal.


“It’s like they have a death wish and can’t help themselves from self-imploding.”

Put away your angel wings, Perplexed. Let’s not save them from themselves, ok?

“What is their end game?. The sinister side of me says they have nefarious reasons.”

“Nefarious?” You must be a college boy! And they wouldn’t know an “end game” if it bit ’em in their … um …  nefarious.

“Sinister?” Now you’re talkin’ liberal.  “Sinister” just happens to be the most popular middle name in all of Liberaldom.

Yellen HearingSen. Elizabeth Hiawatha Sinister-Warren (D-Loonie, MA)
This woman never gives up. She can’t help herself.

“Maybe they’re hoping for a tragedy once they reach our border?”

Of course, they are!

That’s why they busted out their cheerleaders!

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 8.35.13 AM.pngGimme a “T” … “R” … “A” …”G” …”E” …”D” … “Y”!


  God bless ’em all …

and God bless Honduras …

and Guatemala …

and El Salvador, too!

Hat tip to

Mexico … thanks for nuthin’

“God forbid someone gets a bit anxious and … the  massive outcry would be deafening … across the entire world.”

Perplexed, you’re soooo dark. Are you sure you don’t have democrat blood in you?

“Trump and the Republicans would be demonized and crucified in the court of public opinion.”

No! No! No! PLEASE!!!! NO MORE COURTS! Of any sort! And no more Christine Blasey Ford testimony either!

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford And Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Testify To Senate Judiciary Committee

“So are the Democrats willing to sacrifice a few poor immigrants in order to further their agenda and gain political power?” 

Like lambs, Perplexed. And they’ll probably sacrifice your cat, too.

Lord Trump.jpeg

Perplexed, desperate times call for desperate measures. And it doesn’t get any more desperate than this election.  At least for liberal democrats.

They’ve pulled out all the stops … but they just can’t win.

Trump’s driving ’em nuts..
Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 10.21.21 AM.png

“Can they really be this evil?” 

Perplexed, don’t you dare get rhetorical on me!

Of course, they can be that evil. They’re Democrats.


Denis Ian  Michelle Moore … Havin’ fun.


BUT … based on this true post …

Peter Letter.png





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