The Cracks In My Heart

“But you saw no fault … no cracks in my heart And you knelt beside … my hope torn apart But the ghosts that we knew ... will flicker from view And we'll live a long life” My father’s name was Connie … and he was impossibly strange.   Black Irish. Latin features ... Roman nose, … Continue reading The Cracks In My Heart

Leave ‘Em Alone

“Genius is childhood recalled at will.”  Charles Baudelaire Know why geniuses are so rare?  Because the art of reliving  … of remembering … of recollecting ... is lost. Maybe not forever. But it's surely rare. Too many people have no rearview mirrors. No chronicle. The here and now is all that matters. This moment. The right-now-moment.  … Continue reading Leave ‘Em Alone

Lady Madonna

I could never get enough of my mother … because the line was too long. I was the fifth of six sons. Denis in the middle. My situation wasn’t any more desperate than anyone else in the tribe … we were all mother-deprived.  But it wasn’t her fault.    The poor lady was run-ragged searching … Continue reading Lady Madonna

Who Owns Your Kids? Hint: It’s Not You

Who owns your kids? You think you do … but do you really? That’s not a pot-stirring question. But it’s something you’d better consider. Fast. Because … the answer’s getting pretty murky. Birth certificates used to be proof of authority. That piece of paper that gave you parental regency over your child … and the … Continue reading Who Owns Your Kids? Hint: It’s Not You


“Once … while with friends … I was asked what was the  most significant thing I'd ever done in my life. It was a quick answer. Right to the point … ‘Being a Marine and leading men in combat’ ..." Ten thousand six hundred nineteen miles is a long way. 

But it’s not so long … Continue reading COMING HOME

Kiss The Fish

You gotta kiss the fish. That’s how summer starts. With a kiss. That was the ritual of the boy and his grandfather. And then it was on to ponds and lakes and streams. A few hours here ... and a few more there. Almost always spur of the moment, grab-the-poles, hit-the-road decisions. Wedged in between … Continue reading Kiss The Fish