The Newest Middle School Fad: Socialism

Middle school fads ain’t what they used to be.  Forget Silly Bandz, jean skirts, and Abercrombie. Those were all run-of-the-mill fads. Rages that raged …  and then vanished very quickly. . That was innocent stuff … but innocence ain’t so plentiful anymore. Schools have hardened kids with grit and rigor. Ordealed them with testing mania. … Continue reading The Newest Middle School Fad: Socialism

The NY Times Strikes Its Colors

I think I hear "Uncle!" ... "The publisher of The New York Times ... 'implored' President Donald Trump to reconsider his broad attacks on journalists, calling the president’s anti-press rhetoric “not just divisive but increasingly dangerous."* This is the NY Times suing for peace. With President Trump. Losers do that.  I guess that winning thing … Continue reading The NY Times Strikes Its Colors


Europe is enraged ...  at the United States. The continent we twice saved is angered ...  at America. Free Europeans ... who see American war-dead buried in their own fields … are riled by the Unites States. Nations saved from the Soviet threat … are mad at us. Millions whose safety was secured by American might … Continue reading EuroFools

Fakers, Frauds, and Liars

This brief video  ...  sent by an alert friend ... shatters this moment. Collapses this latest display of manufactured drama. It spotlights the phony shock at what's happening at the borders ... then calls out the latest liberal narrative that's destined to fall flat. A debacle brought about by liberal policies ... a crisis openly … Continue reading Fakers, Frauds, and Liars

Lady Madonna

I could never get enough of my mother … because the line was too long. I was the fifth of six sons. Denis in the middle. My situation wasn’t any more desperate than anyone else in the tribe … we were all mother-deprived.  But it wasn’t her fault.    The poor lady was run-ragged searching … Continue reading Lady Madonna