Don’t Ever Guilt Me

I’m sorry, not. I’ll never … not ever … apologize for who I am ... for what I have ... or for how my life’s unfolded. I’m white, a middle-class success … and I worked for what I have. And I’m a man. Don’t bother trying to guilt me … about anything … ’cause I’m not some … Continue reading Don’t Ever Guilt Me

The Newest Middle School Fad: Socialism

Middle school fads ain’t what they used to be.  Forget Silly Bandz, jean skirts, and Abercrombie. Those were all run-of-the-mill fads. Rages that raged …  and then vanished very quickly. . That was innocent stuff … but innocence ain’t so plentiful anymore. Schools have hardened kids with grit and rigor. Ordealed them with testing mania. … Continue reading The Newest Middle School Fad: Socialism

The Lost Schools

Check your child for neck bolts … the educational Frankensteins are at it again.  Forget geography, language arts, and math … schools are now all about feelings. And emotions. And attitudes. It’s the hot-rage in education … the creepy premise that schools can instill acceptable human emotions and reactions in your child because … I … Continue reading The Lost Schools


Kidhood should happen when you turn nine … maybe ten. And last until the day you turn fourteen. Then it’s over. Done. That’s when everything you’ve learned starts to count. For real. Tommy Scott taught me to follow directions … by diagramming touch-football plays on my bony chest … with his stiff index-finger. The McCann … Continue reading Kidhood

Pushing Parents Around

It’s all too clear that there are some schools that think they must save your children … from you.  Yes. You. Doctrinaire teachers, administrators, and boards of education have become presumptuous and smug.  And their contempt for parents is grounded in their surety that …  in all matters, not just academics. … parents fall short. … Continue reading Pushing Parents Around

Something’s Not Right Here

National Blue Ribbon Schools … supposedly the best schools in the nation. And they have signs to prove it.   Some even have Hollywood lighting … and others are really, really big. A few are set in their own botanical gardens … and a handful are bolted to walls. The signs look pretty impressive … … Continue reading Something’s Not Right Here


"We conclude that testing instruments that put children in a virtual stupor cannot be defended as sound testing practice … nor as a way to raise standards or serve as a foundation for high-stakes decisions ..." Well done, Bill Gates! Bravo, David Coleman! Take a bow … Arne Duncan and John King. And special thanks … Continue reading ZERO

America Great Again!

Here’s a reason for a Fourth of July smile … Americans are walking away from the Democrat Party in droves ... and embracing the country they love. #WalkAway Movement VIDEO STORY CLICK HERE  This guy gets it … and he’s a former Democrat. And he's right ... no tantrum can last forever.  And this honest … Continue reading America Great Again!

There Will Be No Second Coming

Bad news. There will be no Second Coming. I know … once was not enough … but it’ll have to do.  Barack Obama is not coming back. Deal with your despair. No Obama 2.0 … no tingles, no perfection, no inspiration, no poetry. No walkin’ on water. No nuthin’. BO is a NO-GO. The Greatest Black … Continue reading There Will Be No Second Coming