The Cracks In My Heart

“But you saw no fault … no cracks in my heart And you knelt beside … my hope torn apart But the ghosts that we knew ... will flicker from view And we'll live a long life” My father’s name was Connie … and he was impossibly strange.   Black Irish. Latin features ... Roman nose, … Continue reading The Cracks In My Heart

Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma

Someone's gotta lean on the horn. That child's story has the worriment of a damaged adult on the edge. But she's perhaps a hundred months old.  She's an Xbox junkie ... a "gamer" ... found sitting "in a puddle of her own urine ... so hooked ... she wouldn’t even go to the toilet ..." When her father threatened to … Continue reading Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma

Are You a Pretend Parent?

Are you a pretend parent? If that questions bothers you, well … It’s never a bad thing to have a heart-to-heart with yourself. Maybe you’re too caught up in your own thing … or life's become tangled ... so your kid’s education has slipped into auto-pilot. You're not alone. But if that first sentence grabbed … Continue reading Are You a Pretend Parent?

Leave ‘Em Alone

“Genius is childhood recalled at will.”  Charles Baudelaire Know why geniuses are so rare?  Because the art of reliving  … of remembering … of recollecting ... is lost. Maybe not forever. But it's surely rare. Too many people have no rearview mirrors. No chronicle. The here and now is all that matters. This moment. The right-now-moment.  … Continue reading Leave ‘Em Alone

The Agog Mob and Why Elections Matter

For those  who don't yet feel rescued by last year's election ... here's a sobering x-ray of our diseased self. This speaks to our current embarrassment as a nation  ... and as a scary squint into our tomorrow ... and the likelihood that this nation might not survive an outbreak of poison ivy ... or … Continue reading The Agog Mob and Why Elections Matter

Lady Madonna

I could never get enough of my mother … because the line was too long. I was the fifth of six sons. Denis in the middle. My situation wasn’t any more desperate than anyone else in the tribe … we were all mother-deprived.  But it wasn’t her fault.    The poor lady was run-ragged searching … Continue reading Lady Madonna

Unhurry Your Child …

I am not so young anymore.  I lug around lots of memory stuff ... flashbacks I mostly keep to myself because ... because they're only important to me. But sometimes I see something  ... or hear something ... and I have a " if only I knew then, what I know now" moment. So I … Continue reading Unhurry Your Child …